About Us

The Greater Good Collective is a volunteer based organization dedicated to involving community members in supporting and celebrating its citizens. We strive to do that by getting more individuals involved in supporting the local arts, music, community projects and learning more about our neighbors.



Through events such as Sunday Funday, we aim to gather people from all over the state of Mississippi to celebrate the arts, culture, people and innovative ideas that make Starkville what it is. 


Community Outreach & Development

We aim to educate citizens and visitors about where we live and how utilize and improve the community. We can grow and lead by example through initiating consistent dialogue on topics such as recycling, self sustainability, edible landscaping, community gardens and anything else YOU think would make our community great. By linking the community to its vast resources, we hope to bridge the gap between Mississippi State University and the ever growing city of Starkville.


Involving Organizations

We hope to provide a platform for local charities and organizations to promote their cause, as well as provide direct and indirect assistance in the best way we can.